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Everything starts on the fields in Styria

It starts with the warm plantlets on one of the hundred fields in Styria.


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Receipt of the seeds

The already dried and pre-cleaned seeds arrive at our mill in the heart of South Styria. Before we accept the new seeds in our mill, they have to pass a strict control of their quality and origin.


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After the new delivery has fulfilled the strict standards our modern machines carefully clean the seeds.


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At this stage the seeds wait in cooled storage-rooms until they become a delicious oil.


Pre-Roasting Process

Now it comes down to business. Modern elevator systems transport the seeds from the storage rooms to the production. The first roast pan warms up the seeds to already set free some of its typical flavouring.


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Crushing Mill

After the pre-roasting process the seeds are milled and combined with naturally revitalized Grander water and salt. Although these two ingredients evaporate during the roasting process, they help the seeds develop flavouring.



Nach der Vermahlung kommen die Kerne in die Röstpfanne. Röstdauer und Rösttemperatur sehen wir als unser kleines Betriebsgeheimnis.


Roasting Process

After the crushing mill the actual roasting process starts. We keep the roasting temperature and roasting time our business secret. But we can tell you something about each roasting process. In our company, we do not have predefined roasting times or temperatures as this is the case in huge industry mills. We, the Kiendler family-business, prefer an active working style with the raw material itself.


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The freshly pressed and still warm Styrian pumpkin seed oil rests for a few days. This serves as a natural filtering process, where the natural suspended solids settle down to the ground and the 100 % single pressed Styrian pumpkin seed oil stays in the tanks.



After resting our fresh pumpkin seed oil is labelled. Our family-business cooperates with regional suppliers to offer our customers a product of 100 % Austrian origin.



From our small mill the freshly bottled Styrian pumpkin seed oil starts its exciting journey around the world.



It's a long way from the field into the bottle!