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2014 Kiendler GmbH
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The history of the Kiendler family business– since 1696

What stands behind the KIENDLER name?

The Kiendler Group is a family-owned business with a long history – since 1696.


The Group consists of the following branches:


  • electrical installation and plant engineering and construction / construction of electrical facilities,

  • electrical appliances & electrical repairs,

  • production and supply of electricity,

  • grain mill and

  • production of 100 % Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I.

This huge variety and the know-how in each branch enable us to react to every single customer requirement.


High demands for best performance!

Our goal is to measure ourselves against the best. Every single employee integrates this into his daily life. The high quality of our products and our perfect problem-solving process has made our business a reliable trading partner for years.


A respectful partnership with all our stakeholders, whether customers, suppliers or employees, forms the basis for our company philosophy. From our highly skilled employees we expect high performance, loyalty and the will for further development.


With all these expectations we can offer customer-oriented solutions, but we still try to improve the relation between all stakeholders to reach the best working atmosphere for every involved party.


Our history

  • 1696
    The Ragnitz ship mill was first mentioned in a document in 1696.
    The son of imperial huntsman Kiendler from Wolfsberg im Schwarzautal married the daughter of the miller Pucher from Ragnitz. Since that time, the Kiendler family owns the mill.
  • 1856
    The ship mill was converted to a watermill which was driven by 14 mill wheels. The mill wheels powered the mill, a threshing barn and the saw mill.
  • 1895
    In order to supply our company with electricity, a direct current dynamo was installed.
  • Circa 1900
    The KIENDLER family business started to produce pumpkin seed oil for the people in the region around Ragnitz.
  • 1912
    A Francis turbine and an alternating current generator were installed. From then on we started to supply the public with energy.
  • 1926
    Our power grid was connected to the mains of other power suppliers.
  • 1970
    We opened our first electronics retail shop in Leibnitz.
  • 1971
    The Kiendler Company bought the hydroelectric power station called Haslach-mill from the Hereschwerke and automated the power plant. At this time our new hydroelectric power station was one of the first unmanned power plants in Europe.
    Performance 250 kW, annual production 2,100,000 kWh.
  • 1982
    We built the hydroelectric power station in Oedt. Consequently this hydroelectric power station became the biggest hydroelectric power plant at the Weissenegger Mühlgang, where our headquarters are located. Due to the possibility of floods we even installed a lock system between the Weissenegger Mühlgang and the Mur river.
    Performance 620 kW, annual production 3,500,000 kWh.
  • 1983
    One of the biggest silo systems in South Styria was built. We still use these silos as storage room for our grain mill.
  • 1984
    We automated our grain mill with our internal department for plant engineering, which makes it possible to regulate the whole working system via one terminal.
  • 1996
    We opened a state-of-the-art electronics retail shop in Gralla (800m²).
  • 2001
    Launch of our 100 % Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I. at SPAR Styria.
  • 2003
    Thanks to the cooperation with our German business partners we were able to enter new markets for our Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil P.G.I..
  • 2006
    In recognition of our achievements, the Styrian Government awarded our products the Styrian coat of arms (Steirisches Landeswappen). In order to reduce the CO2 emission, our family business built a woodchip heating system to supply the company buildings and the households around our headquarters in Ragnitz with energy.
  • 2007
    Construction of the new Pumpkin Seed Oil mill and the new electrical engineering hall.
  • 2010
    Launch of new economically friendly electricity products.
  • 2015
    Due to our high quality, our company was awarded the Gold Award by the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture 15 times in a row.
  • 2016
    We launched the first TRACKING system for our 100 % Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. Since that our customers have the possibility to get a detailed information about our farmers.
    Our family business opened our 3rd Red Zac Shop in Heiligenkreuz am Waasen.